Waterford Unfinished Estates 2013

Unfinished Estates in Waterford

All properties in these unfinished or "ghost" estates or developments will  not be treated as a "relevant residential property" for the Local Property Tax .   The properties are exempt from the Local Property Tax and it is classed as Exemption Type D when filling in your Property Tax Return.

See more about Property Tax Exemptions Here .

Waterford City

Carrig An Airde, Six Cross Roads, Waterford
Mount Suir Manor, Carrickphierish Road, Grace Dieu
Woodbrook, Carrickphierish Road, Grace Dieu

Waterford County

Ardan, Ballykinsella, Tramore
Cul Na Circe, Cook Street,  Cappoquinn
Laoi na Mara, Coxtown, Dunmore East – Partial
Monvoy Court, Crobally Upper, Tramore
The Mills, Ballysaggart Beg, Lismore – Partial

Note:  Some estates are only classed as partially unfinished - so not all houses are exempt in those estates. If that is the case we have entered "Partial" next to the address. You can see a detailed map here showing the areas included as incomplete . Waterford County Map