Co Kilkenny - List of Unfinished Estates for Property Tax

This is a list of the unfinished housing estates in County Kilkenny- as published for the Property Tax exemptions 2013 

All properties in these estates or developments will  not be treated as a "relevant residential property" for Property Tax .   The properties are exempt from the Local Property Tax . You need to select Exemption Type D when filling in your Property Tax Return if you live in one of these houses.

See more about Property Tax Exemptions Here .

County Kilkenny   Unfinished Estates

Abbey Gate, Rathculliheen, Ferrybank
Barrow Meadows, Barrowmount, Goresbridge
Belline Vale, Piltown, Piltown – Partial
Hunters Wood, Newmarket, Newmarket – Partial  see map

Note:  Some estates are only classed as partially unfinished - so not all houses are exempt in those estates. If that is the case we have entered "Partial" next to the address. See this map for houses that are included .