Presentation - Top Tips for House Sellers

Top Tips for Sellers
It's a buyers market at the moment and sellers are finding it hard to shift houses .

Here are  a few tips  on how to present your house in order to help improve sale prospects

De-clutter - . Most buyers are moving up and looking for more space, those downsizing are particularly worried about lack of space. So who ever you sell to, your home needs to look spacious. Have a good sort out before your property goes on the market, if it has all got too much for whatever reason then get professional help. A spacious home is a desirable home.

Kerb Appeal - The majority of buyers will do a ‘drive past’ on a property they are thinking of making a viewing on. Make the boundaries clear between your home and your neighbours, have blinds symmetrical from the outside, mayb ebuy a new a new welcome mat and some potted plants in coloured pots by the front door . 

First impressions - Think about the first things a prospective purchaser will see. ? If it’s a pile of coats, a stack of shoes, three school bags and the cat litter tray then its time for a re-think! Surveys have shown that many buyers make up their mind within 30 seconds of entering a property.  Consider a mirror, a radiator cover, a print and a plant.

Storage -  If your home looks like it has inadequate storage and you are bursting at the seams, your buyer may worry they will also quickly outgrow the home and be put off making an offer. If you must keep large amounts of personal possessions, consider hiring a storage unit. There are lots of companies offering stylish storage solutions to give all your bits ‘n’ bobs an attractive hiding place.

Cleanliness - Clean, clean and clean again. A grout pen can get your tiles looking good, old-fashioned white vinegar and water will sparkle your taps, mirrors and windows. Have carpets steam cleaned. Invest in some new towels and bed linen if need be.

Artwork - Artwork when selling a property has a very specific purpose. To enhance the room/area it has been placed. It should be the correct size, colour and theme in order to enhance the setting in which it has been placed. This is not to be confused with the artwork we buy just because we like it. This artwork is working to help sell our home!

Accessories - View these in the same way as artwork. They need to be large enough for the job. The height and colour should compliment the room. This is a good way to bring texture and even scent (scented candles) into a room, reinforcing your accent colours.

Lighting - Ambient lighting using soft diffusing light bulbs in colours such as apricot give a soft welcoming and warm glow to a home. Kitchen and bathroom lighting should be bright and welcoming. Never have a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling and change any blown bulbs immediately.

Photos - The photos your agent takes will be viewed by many perspective buyers. They may be viewed over the internet by clients unfamiliar with your area. These glimpses of your home are a major factor in deciding if a viewing is warranted. Spend a good few hours dressing your home for these photos . Use fresh flowers and pay particular attention to your key rooms: Lounge, Kitchen and Master bedroom.

Viewing - Try to be relaxed, don’t talk too much, this can be a distraction. Start in a room that is a good selling point. Don’t be negative about why you are moving. Be confident, a good well prepared home will have done most of the work for you.