House Sale Price Register for Ireland

Up to now there was no central database kept of house sale prices. There was the CSO price register - which was based on mortgages and did not include cash sales. This just gave averages and percentage changes from a 2007 base figure,
Online property sites also reported on asking prices - but they did not have a record of sale prices.

Stamp Duty has been payable on all residential property since Jan 2010 - and one of the main reasons for this was so that all property sales would be recorded by the Revenue Commission. It is only now - almost 3 years later that the actual prices are being made available on

The Price register does not include property details such as whether the property is a detached house , a semi detatched house or an apartment. It doesn't record the size of the property or the site.  If you are looking at  a specific property  - you will now be able to check what price it sold for - but only if it was sold since Jan 2010.  As the years go on - this will become a useful tool for housebuyers in Ireland.